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A California Non-Profit Corporation

P.O. Box 275

Frazier Park  CA 93225

(661) 245-5021

Our Mission Statement

Our goal is to educate and create awareness of responsible pet ownership, encourage spaying and
 neutering of pets to reduce strays, prevent neglect and abuse, show compassion to pets and reunite animals with their owners in the mountain communities.
Shelter on the Hill Needs YOU!

 Our success depends on the hard work and generosity of volunteers. 
If you have a few hours to spare and would like to help the animals, please call


SOTH Board Members

  Knute Johnson, President
  Pam Wheeler, Vice President
  Candace Huskey-Brown, Secretary/ Treasurer
  Connie Baldin, Director
  Judy Cadman, Director
  Andrew Daymude, Director
  Sally Erikson, Director
  Brian Tate, Director

Diane Cosko, DVM, Advisory Director

  Callie O'Hara, Legal A.D., Advisory Director
  Horst Baldin, N.L. Publisher, Advisory Director
Patrice Stimpson, Humane Officer

     The Staff and Board of Directors of Shelter on the Hill are all dedicated volunteers committed to the goals of the organization.  As a private non-profit organization, SOTH depends on donations from individuals and foundations.  Operating funds are derived from membership dues, special events appeals, newsletter donations and Thrift Store revenues.  If you are interested in becoming a member,
please Click Here or visit our Membership page.

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