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Become A Member!                       

You can now join the Shelter on the Hill -- online!  Please fill out this form and press the Submit Query button when you are satisfied that you have filled out the form completely.  This form will be emailed to our office and you will be billed for your membership and/or merchandise purchases.

Shelter On The Hill is a full-fledged Humane Society.  Merchandise and services have been developed to support our mission of promoting responsible pet ownership, preventing neglect and abuse, and reuniting pets with their owners in the mountain communities.  Members are eligible for discounts on license plate frames identifying the Shelter as a mountain communities organization, specially designed Lexanİ and Mylar pet identification tags, ISO approved micro chipping identification for companion animals, and T-shirts and sweatshirts with the Shelter's logo. In addition your membership entitles you to:

"Saving the Whole Family", a definitive and practical guide book for disaster preparedness prepared by the American Veterinary Medical Association for assuring the survival of your animal companions in the event of fire, flood or other natural disaster (while quantities last).

Our periodic newsletters and special notices reporting the Shelter's activities and progress.

One free hour of behavioral evaluation on training by Toni Fuess, Certified Animal Trainer.

A 20% or greater discount on current and future Shelter merchandise and services.


YES, I want to help lost and unwanted pets by becoming a member of the Shelter on the Hill: A Humane Society.

Single membership - $20.00 annually
Family membership - $35.00 annually


Although our immediate objective is to finance a building to house lost or abandoned pets, individual Funds have been established to address certain specific concerns of animal care.  You are welcome to designate your additional contributions for any of the following.  Donations not specified will be used help the Shelter to continue its mission in the manner needed most. Thank you for caring!

Please accept my additional donation of and designate it for the Goose Fund which will provide spay/neuter assistance for animals of unknown or indigent ownership.

Please accept my additional donation of and designate it for Niki's Fund which provides financial assistance for emergency medical attention for injured pets of unknown ownership.

Please accept my additional donations of "In Honor of" and/or "In Memory of" (please indicate which or both)

Please accept my donation to help Shelter on the Hill, a Humane Society.  


Please send me Shelter on the Hill logo (heavy weight 50/50) sweatshirt(s), a $21.95 value. (Indicate quantity and size: M - L - XL -  XXL)  Member cost - $15.00 each

Please send me Shelter on the Hill logo t-shirt(s), a $15.00 value.
(Indicate quantity and size: M - L - XL - XXL)  Member cost - $10.00 each

Please send me Shelter on the Hill logo "Give Animals a Brake" license plate frame(s) 
Member cost - $5.00 each

My companion(s) need Lexan ID Tags, a value of $4.95, (please indicate quantity and 1st /2nd color choice). Member cost - $1.50 each

To provide my Feline companion(s) with the best possible chance of coming home if ever lost or strayed. Please send (qty) Feline ID Systems (indicate collar and tag color), a $7.95 value. Member cost - $3.00 each

For my Canine companion(s) please send (qty) Canine ID Systems (please indicate collar / tag colors), a $7.95 value. Member cost - $3.00 each


Daytime Phone:


Evening Phone:


Best time to call:


Zip: E-mail address:

This form will be submitted by e-mail to our office.  We will send you a bill for your membership and/or additional merchandise.  Thank you for your support!  Please make checks payable to Shelter on the Hill: A Humane Society.  All contributions are tax deductible to the extent allowable by law.  For more information please call (661) 245-5021.