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     It is planned that the shelter will have a sound proof barrier, indoor kennels for dogs and pot-bellied pigs, a well room and a sick room for cats, and a reception area, at the very least.  Why go to all this trouble?  Why not put up something temporary so that the much-needed rescuing can start now?

     Shelter On The Hill is an official Humane Society, and the United States Humane Society recommends that, when building a shelter, it is best to do it right the first time so all monies should go toward the goal of building a permanent shelter.  In the long run, more animals can be saved.

      It is also imperative that safety and sanitary guidelines are strictly adhered to.  Volunteers and paid employees will be trained in the proper care of animals and how to safeguard themselves.  Kennels and play areas must be disinfected daily with a special solution and comply with other sanitary measures.

     It is a sad fact that we live in such a litigious society, but because of that the Shelter must have other guidelines in place regarding all that they will be doing, i.e.: the taking in and adopting out of animals, foster care, spaying and neutering, and educational programs for the public.  All of these things take a great deal of time, and it is during the monthly Board meetings that these topics are discussed and voted upon.

    Why not do something now to help animals and the community?  We are!  At  Frazier Park Elementary School and Frazier Mountain High School educational programs are beginning.  Children will learn to recognize that animals have many of the same needs as people. The Shelter hopes to take their educational programs to all schools “on the hill” and even some schools “off the hill” have expressed an interest. 

   Why should people who are not animal lovers be interested in or support Shelter On The Hill?  Stray dogs and cats are an annoyance at best and a danger at worst for everyone.  No one enjoys having their flowerbeds used as a litter box for stray or feral cats or being chased by a stray dog when trying to take a walk or a jog.  The Shelter will provide a local place for these animals and that would be much quicker than waiting for someone from Kern County to come up here to catch the strays. 

    In addition, the Shelter will provide employment opportunities and another place for students to do their community hours.  Most of all, the Shelter will provide a safe, healthy place for animals to stay until loving, permanent homes can be found. 



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